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2022 First Morning Meeting Of Huangxuan Footwear

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On 4th January, 2022, Huangxuan Footwear Co., Ltd. held its "2022 New Year Morning Meeting" with all staff.

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At the meeting, Harry, the general manager of Huangxuan Footwear, made a full staff announcement about the key work, new requirements, and new goals in 2022. He proposed that in the new year, we should form our own morning meeting culture, and the morning meeting is a bridge to stimulate the enthusiasm of work and life in a day. In the future, we will give feedback on problems encountered in personal work and share our daily work in the daily morning meeting, so as to increase the information exchange among the team and to fill up the morale.

In the new year, we will continue to provide good services to all our customers without forgetting our original intention!

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