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Bow Tie Method Of Canvas Shoes

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1. Extend the index finger and thumb of both hands, make a circle around the two fingers with the left hand clockwise and the right hand clockwise. The left and right hands are facing each other, the index finger hooks the strap of the other hand respectively, and both hands are pulled-success.

2. At the same time, use the thumb and index finger of the left and right hands to prop up the shoelace in the same direction, and then both the thumb and index finger simultaneously pinch the shoelace propped up by the other hand and pull it in the opposite direction.

3. Pick up the shoelaces on both sides with both hands, spread the thumbs and index fingers of both hands, pinch the shoelaces on both sides with the other fingers, and then pull the two together, and then they come out.

4. That is to tie the shoelace with an X-shaped ordinary knot first, which is the first time. Then hold the ropes at both ends, fold them in half and pinch them, and then tie an X-shaped ordinary knot, so that it becomes Because it is a double-stranded rope, it looks like a butterfly when it is loose. When you open it, you only need to pull either end and gently pull it to fully open.

5. The pattern of the bow of the shoelace comes out.

Explain: Shoelaces should be tied according to the occasion when you are out. They should be tight and not easy to loose during exercise; they should be worn more comfortably during leisure and should not be pressed against the feet; shoelaces should be beautiful in some occasions.

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