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Canvas Shoes Buying Skills

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When buying canvas shoes, it is best to choose products from regular manufacturers or professional manufacturers. Such manufacturers pay more attention to credibility, better technology, and relatively better materials. On the packaged shoe boxes, the regular manufacturers generally indicate the size, color, materials used in the production, the manufacturer's phone number, and their quality standards. The packaging box is also very beautiful.

Look at the upper when choosing canvas shoes. Canvas shoes, as the name suggests, the upper is generally made of canvas. When purchasing, it is necessary to see whether the radian of the upper is normal, whether the two shoes are symmetrical, and whether there is color difference; whether the stitches at different parts of the upper are even and neat, whether there are broken threads or skipped stitches; whether the colors are consistent; from the heel Check whether the shoe body is perpendicular to the sole, whether the shoelace hole is skewed, and whether the left and right sides are aligned; check whether the pattern and text printed on the upper are clear, and whether the decorative icons pasted or stitched are firm.

Then check the soles. The soles are generally made of rubber outsoles. Such soles are required to be wear-resistant, anti-skid, and light. Therefore, when choosing the sole, check whether the anti-skid stripes of the sole are clear. Whether there is any defect of glue drop. Whether the stripes are evenly spaced, and whether the color of the sole of the same material is the same. Look for pores or blisters.

Finally check the insole. The insole should be soft and flexible to touch by hand, and the printed trademark should be clear. Look at the rubber bonding parts again to see if there are small glue spots and air bubbles. Put the two shoes on the ground and compare them to check whether the color, pattern, height, length, and width of each part are the same.

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