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Employees Of Huangxuan Trading Visited Brother Enterprises

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-06      Origin: Site

In order to learn from the more work experience and typical practices of brother units, effectively improve staff skills and management level, work enthusiasm and overall quality, and enhance corporate cohesion, Huangxuan Trading organized a business department to visit and study in brother companies.

The purpose of this activity is to learn from experience, find gaps, change ideas, and innovate work. During the visit, the learners listened attentively to the explanation and communicated and interacted with the on-site staff.

Through this visit and learning, the employees felt deeply. As a member of Huangxuan, we should not only see unprecedented development opportunities, but also be aware of the gaps and challenges from other fraternal companies. We can only seize the time to continuously enrich ourselves, emancipate our minds, update our concepts, share the pressure for the company, and be loyal to the company. Create a good development environment. Start little by little, and contribute your due strength to Huangxuan.

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