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Full Inspection: Perfect Shoe Quality Assurance By Huangxuan

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Quality control is the prerequisite for enterprise development, and stable product quality is the foundation of enterprise development.

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Huangxuan Trading adheres to the concept of product quality innovation and integrity management and has established a complete product quality management system. Strictly control all aspects of production, and achieve "delivery inspection" and "one week full inspection", and pay close attention to detail management to ensure product quality and ensure that customers can receive satisfactory products.

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On October 26, 2021, Eric, the director of the Huangxuan Commercial Quality Inspection Department, conducted pre-shipment inspections on all products in the finished product warehouse with the production, sales, marketing, and warehousing departments, mainly from the packaging, product quality, and various aspects such as size, weight, type, shape and condition are inspected one by one.

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Stable product quality comes from strict quality control, from strict requirements on every link, and from every employee's conscientious work. Huangxuan Trading guarantees and controls the quality of finished products from four aspects: quality control of raw and auxiliary materials, quality control of production process, quality control and traceability of finished products. The quality of our products demonstrates our strength and reflects our faith in operating with integrity. We firmly believe that only by insisting on putting product quality first, we can go further!

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