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Get Fit And Make Exercise A Habit! ——Hangzhou Huangxuan Trading Co., Ltd

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On the morning of April 16, Hangzhou Huangxuan Trading Co., Ltd. organized all the staff of the office to carry out the "Outdoor Ten-Kilometer Running" expansion activity.


This activity is a round trip along Nanhu Park. Everyone in the event was in high spirits and was eager to try it out. After a short warm-up exercise, with an order, all the staff of Huangxuan were in a good mood and chased after me.

image  image

Wiped away the sweat, finished the ten-kilometer running activity with laughter and laughter, allowing employees to step out of the comfort zone of life after work and enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature. "Strengthen your body and make exercise a habit!!!" Let's look forward to the next outdoor activity.

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This activity not only exercised the body and harvested happiness, but also inspired everyone to make better achievements in the future work and contribute youthful strength to the bright future of the company.


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