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Huangxuan Family Celebrates A Happy Christmas

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December 24th is Christmas Eve. All employees and their families of Huangxuan celebrate Christmas and share peace. We are a warm and big family. In this way, the company enhances the communication and interaction between employees and enhances their cohesion and sense of belonging. Send holiday blessings and greetings to employees!

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On behalf of the company, Harry, the general manager of the company, distributed Christmas red envelopes to every employee. On behalf of the company, Lily, the company’s business team leader, also distributed Christmas gifts and apples to every employee. In 2022, harvest more happiness and joy!

Afterwards, all the employees had dinner together. All the employees sat around the table to share food and played interactive games together. The employees actively participated, and the venue was full of joy.

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Finally, in the laughter, we took a group photo together, everyone's face was full of smiles, sharing the joy of the holiday! Hope we could provide more high quality different style shoes for our clients and make them feel happy and satisfied.

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