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Huangxuan Staff Welfare / Group Dinners, Cohesion

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To enrich the spare time life of the staff, strengthen the effectiveness of teamwork, reduce the pressure after the intense work, work and play colleagues, further promote the company's corporate culture construction, the formation of good corporate centripetal force and cohesion and effectively reflect the company's "people-oriented" management concept, the Royal Xuan trade on October 31 organized a group dinner activities.

Huangxuan Group DinnerAfter work, a dinner party was held under the leadership of each department. We chatted about our life during the dinner, which instantly narrowed the distance between colleagues and made everyone feel the intense family atmosphere. During the dinner, colleagues exchanged ideas and discussed the problems they encountered in their work and the good working experience they had summarized.

Huangxuan Staff

Through this gathering, we feel that Huangxuan is a big family, where there is warmth, friendship, teaching, and a lot of platforms for us to exercise, promote friendship and strengthen the unity among colleagues. Let the future work more passionate, with a better spirit to put into the next work.

Huangxuan Dinner

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