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Huangxuan Staffs Be Busy in Production Of Shoes Order

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-11      Origin: Site

In order to ensure that customer orders can be shipped smoothly before the Spring Festival, Huangxuan production department is all against the clock, just to race against time!


All the staffs  go all out to ensure the smooth progress of the production operation in a state of enthusiasm and full of enthusiasm. The production workshop is busy, and workers are processing shoes according to the order.2

The inspection station covers every stage of packaging production from raw materials, finished products to finished products, and escorts production in an all-round way!


It become warmer in the 2nd week of new year 2022,because of their responsibilities, and they will shine because of their dedication. They interpret their responsibilities with persistence, and interpret the style of Huangxuan people with their own practical actions!

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