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Introduction To Hand-painted Canvas Shoes

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-04-14      Origin: Site

Hand-painted shoes, also called graffiti shoes and painted shoes. Based on the original pure color finished shoes, according to the shoe style, fabric and customer's hobbies, the artist uses special hand-painted paints to paint exquisite and personalized pictures on the upper, which does not affect the usability of the shoes. Observability. The picture of a pair of shoes can be comic cartoons, real-life sketches, landscapes, patterns or decorative patterns; it can be a story fragment with text, or it can be a picture of the customer's own love plus a confession of truth. As long as it can be painted, Basically it can be presented on the upper. Simply put, shoes with hand-painted pictures on the upper are called hand-painted shoes. After the fusion of canvas and paint, it is not easy to fade, making hand-painted canvas shoes possible, and they quickly developed. It enriches the content of canvas shoe culture.

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