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Introduction To Low-top Canvas Shoes

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Low-cut canvas shoes are also known as "lounger shoes" and "lazy shoes", because even the lace-up ones only need to be loosely tied up. The more function of the shoelaces is to lie on the upper and pose. "Vase", lazy people are completely free to wear shoes and take off shoes with only their feet, without having to bend over.

Low-cut canvas shoes also save worry and effort in collocation, almost anything can be matched, and don't pick people, long-legged girls can wear it, short-legged girls can also wear it beautifully. Compared with mid-top canvas shoes, low-top canvas shoes are more youthful and lively, more sporty and relaxed, and more free and lovely. The combination of heterochromatic shoes and heterochromatic shoelaces adds the "most varied" footnote to the low-top canvas shoes and becomes a "patent."

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