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New Eco-friendly Sustainable Sneakers

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Recently, the concept of sustainable shoes is getting more and more popular, and our company is always adapting to the changes of the times. Now let’s introduce new eco-friendly sustainable sneakers from our company.

1. Eco-friendly Recycled Insoles

1.1 Hi-Poly HI-POLY foam, a kind of recycled foam, is made by re-polymerizing waste recycled PU raw materials after multiple technical treatments.


1.2. The U-shaped heel + wrapping design makes the feet more fit the footpads, and colleagues put them in the shoes to increase the height


1.3. The hand feels flexible, the texture is delicate, and it is easy to take care of, and it is comfortable and breathable to wear in the shoes


2. Eco-friendly Recycled Sole

We received some recycled outsoles, more photos are below:

3. GRS Recycled PU

For the sustainable PU, we added recycled leather, some nylon, and some recycled fibers, the surface is polyurethane.

We also use sustainable PU to produce the sneakers:

4. Hemp Rope

hemp rope

We can also customize the shoes with your own design. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us.

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