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PVC Slippers With Low MOQ

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What are PVC slippers?    

1. The material of PVC slippers is PVC (polyvinyl chloride), plasticizer, foaming agent, and other additives.

2. The advantages of PVC slippers are soft texture, wear-resistant, non-slip, comfortable to wear, easy to be made into a variety of colors and varieties, and are the largest type of slippers in production.

3. The disadvantage of PVC slippers is that the process is complicated and the operation process is strict.

What are our advantages?

The slippers produced by our company are of high quality. 

Besides, one of the biggest advantages is that we can accept small batch customization. 

Even with a MOQ of 200 pairs, we can do it.

What products do we produce recently?

We have just sent away a batch of high-end PVC slippers customized in small batches:

If you have any questions about our PVC slippers for men and women (Low MOQ), please feel free to contact us. 

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