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Sustainable Shoes -- PU Upper Made By Plastic Bottles

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The uppers of our brand Mychonly shoes are made from recycled plastic bottles, also known as PET. It is the process of cleaning, grinding, and melting the plastic used to make food packaging and plastic water bottles by recycling it to produce threads, giving the plastic a second life, and reducing waste in landfills.

Vegan shoes fabric making process

Then weave it into various fabrics to create comfortable and fashionable uppers for Mychonly shoes. This technology has been developed to this day, and we are now able to use recycled plastic imitation leather and suede, and other animal materials. If we don't tell you that they are recycled shoes, you will never know.

Depending on the style, each pair of Mychonly shoes contains 3 to 7 recycled PET bottles. One more thing: Our PET supplier has passed the "Recycled Global Standard" certification, which ensures the traceability of these material production lines. This is how we can produce recycled plastic shoes.

To let you know more about our vegan leather fabric, please kindly check the below photos:

recycled sustainable shoes pu material

sustainable shoes Pu fabric

To get more information about Mychonly sustainable shoes, please kindly check the sustainable shoe collection on our website.

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