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Classification standards for children's shoes

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Children's shoes are roughly divided into three categories. Only children's leather shoes have national standards. The National Standardization Technical Committee for Shoemaking has planned to declare the standard project plans for "Children's Sports Shoes" and "Children's Sandals". The national standards for children's shoes are becoming more and more standardized.

Children's leather shoes: generally refers to leather shoes suitable for children's wear, which are made of natural leather, artificial leather, and synthetic leather using processes such as gluing, sewing, laminating, vulcanization, injection molding, and infusion.

Travel shoes: Travel shoes are used for general sports shoes, training shoes, fitness shoes, walking shoes, jogging shoes, casual shoes, etc., excluding professional sports shoes, generally natural leather, synthetic leather, fabric, leather and non-woven Leather materials are mixed to make travel shoes suitable for children.

Leather sandals: generally refers to the use of gluing, sewing, laminating, vulcanization, injection molding, perfusion and other processes, using natural leather, artificial leather, synthetic leather as upper materials to make leather sandals suitable for children.

Cloth-covered children's rubber shoes: generally refers to rubber-soled shoes or other shoes with elastic soles that are made of various fabrics and are suitable for children to wear.

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