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Color matching of sports shoes

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Color matching of sports shoes

To obtain various effects of sneaker color matching, such as strong eye-catching, subtle and elegant, lively, classic and solemn, innocent and romantic, and youthful vitality, you need to understand the following rules for the color of sneakers.

1. Respond to the law

The color response law is applied to sports shoes and expresses a certain color instead of pure existence, but the same or similar color echoes somewhere in the same shoe.

2. The law of comparison

In the use of color differences in certain properties, such as hue, brightness, purity, size, cold and warm, etc., to make the color composition effect of sports shoes eye-catching, strong, and attract attention, this kind of design applied to sports shoes is the most creative and Features of the sense of the times.

3. Uniform Law

The law of color uniformity is the unity presented in the color composition of sports shoes. It has two forms of expression: one is to use a single hue (color) feature to make the color design of sports shoes have a certain charm and conform to popular fashion; the other The colors of species are similar and the colors are similar, and the colors are harmonized. The unified color matching rule gives the product color a kind of overall strength. If it is not a commonly used color, the larger the area, the stronger the visual effect.

4. Emphasize the law

Through a kind of emphasized application of color, a certain key part or component of sports shoes is expressed, and the design features and brand are displayed. The contrast of colors is purely to pursue a vivid color matching effect. Emphasizing the law to express a certain point consciously, while inseparable from the application of color contrast, including the hue, purity and brightness of the color.

5. The law of rhythm

The rhythmic design and application of colors are especially suitable for the design of sports shoes and sports shoes worn by young people. The color rhythm design is manifested as the regular and repeated appearance of colors, usually expressed in hue, purity, brightness, patterns, etc., when used well, the color effect of sports shoes is more lively, free and dynamic.

6. Popular rules

The color of sports shoes produced by shoes has a certain degree of popularity, which conforms to popular colors, and is easy to be accepted by people for sports. The color fashion rule of shoes considers the user's conditions, region, age, sports items, and to varying degrees restricts the acceptance of popular colors of shoes degree.

7. The Law of Innovation

Color constitutes an important feature of the plastic art of sports shoes. The successful and novel color design is the most attractive in the expression of design language. The instinct of seeking newness and seeking difference is to master and apply the rules of color matching. In the process of design, it is necessary to master the method and pursue innovation. The innovation of sports shoes is manifested in breaking the traditional color matching law, creating a new color matching visual effect, attracting consumers' attention and consumption of the product.

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