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Common sense of maintenance of Melaleuca shoes

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Common sense of maintenance of Melaleuca shoes

(1) When brushing shoes, do not soak the shoes in the water basin. You should dip in the water to remove the dirt and let the soles face up to dry. Do not expose to the sun.

(2) In case of rain, after stepping on muddy water, it must not be broken and twisted, and it should be cleaned and dried in time.

(3) Do not brush the surface of embroidered shoes and satin shoes with water, and do not bump or scratch with hard objects when wearing them.

(4) When storing, the shoes should be placed in a cool and ventilated place, and do not get wet. Mothballs should be placed on the shoes with woolen surface and felt fleece to prevent moth-eaten.

(5) Melaleuca-soled shoes often shrink and tighten the feet after washing. Therefore, after washing, a small smooth pebble can be inserted into the big toe inside the shoes, and the shoes will not have the feeling of pressing the toes after drying.

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