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Daily cleaning of sports shoes

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1. When the shoes are dirty, you can use clean water dipped in detergent to gently scrub, then rinse with clean water, and place it in a cool, ventilated, air-dried manner, and avoid direct sunlight. Do not use heating or open flame to dry, so as to avoid aging, cracking, fading and serious deformation. Excessive direct sunlight, heat from a hair dryer, and improper care methods will all reduce the life of the shoes; do not soak for a long time when washing, generally the soaking time should not exceed 20 minutes. Leather shoes should not be soaked in water.

2. Most of the raw materials of sports shoes are synthetic polymer materials (mostly polyester nylon mesh and non-woven artificial leather, and the soles are mostly made of rubber or rubber foam). Some uppers are made of leather, so avoid contact with organic Reagents and grease solutions are also not suitable for long-term wear in high temperature environments. Generally, the wearing or washing temperature should not be higher than 45 degrees Celsius.

3. If it is stored for a long time, the shoes should be scrubbed clean first, and stored in a cool and ventilated place after drying, so that the shoes have sufficient time to dry to avoid mildew. For leather shoes, it is best to use paper balls or shoe holders inside the shoes to avoid serious deformation. Place the toe head down and the sole facing the wall and dry it in a ventilated place at room temperature to prevent water from entering the foam material in the midsole. (Because the foam material is not easy to dry, it is recommended not to lay wet shoes flat.)

4. In order to use sports shoes for a more beautiful appearance, please do not use too hard brush or too much force during wearing or scrubbing, and do not use nails or sharp tools to pick the corners of these printed patterns. After wearing for a period of time, some small cracks may appear on the surface of some patterns (especially the parts that are often tortuous). This is a normal phenomenon.

5. To enable you to achieve a satisfactory wearing effect, please treat your shoes fairly. Remember not to wear ordinary jogging shoes or walking shoes for strenuous sports such as football.

6. For athletes who train every day, it is best to prepare more than two pairs of sports shoes so that they can be replaced every day.

7. Athletes or sports enthusiasts should always wear the sports shoes they purchase. In order to prolong the life of the shoes, wash as little as possible.

8. The nylon mesh cloth and artificial tanned leather on running shoes are relatively easy to maintain. They can be washed by hand, preferably not in a washing machine or soaked in water.

9. Separate the shoes and shoelaces and wash them with neutral soap/powder water. When washing shoes, take out the insoles, gently scrub with a soft brush, and finally rinse them off.

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