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What's the difference between brand shoes and replicate?

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We've always believed in the truth that "Good shoes are more important than good clothing". Everyone dreams of buying the shoes they love, but always turns to high-replicated shoes because of limited budgets and suppliers.

So what's the difference between high-replicated shoes and brand shoes?

1. Shoe materials

The famous brand shoes enterprises have a mature procurement system, and have long-term cooperation with well-known material suppliers, and each material has to meet the testing standards of the industry, so that the quality is greatly guaranteed.

In contrast, the replicated shoe factories lack a procurement system and lack stable material suppliers. Even if there are stable suppliers, the quality varies because of the lack of industry testing standards.

Generally speaking, the replicated shoe factories can only replicate the shape, but they are not comparable to big brands in terms of breathability, comfort, durability, and appearance.

brand shoes

2. Shoe outsoles

The big brand shoes enterprises have their own perfected technical formulas, or directly cooperate with the best suppliers with their own exclusive moulds, which ensure the accuracy of the products and the matching of materials is relatively reasonable.

While most of the replicated shoes factories are directly buying the common soles on the market, or looking for small factories to open sole moulds, because of the cheapness, the accuracy of their products and materials cannot get the exact guarantee.


3. Brand control (brand monitoring)  

Big brand shoe companies have a strict quality control system, including quality management in the early stages and quality inspection of finished products in the later stages. Because the big companies can afford to lose 10,000 pairs of substandard products, but can not afford to lose a brand quality crisis.

But the replicated shoe factories prefer production quantity, they don't have any quality control. They sell shoes as long as the shoes won't be damaged for a month.


4. Production process  

The big brands of shoes are pushing for newer technologies to lead the way in fashion, requiring a high level of maturity and stability.

The high imitation factories only focus on appearance. They are not able to try the latest technology, usually just imitate the appearance, but can not guarantee durability.


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