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Do you know how to choose the right shoes?

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Many people now have foot problems. Some are congenital, and some are acquired. Let’s see if this is the same for you?

Sometimes the foot problems will find you if you don't have a right shoe.


Why do today's shoes affect our feet?


See, if your shoes are shape like this, becoming thinner towards the toe

, which do not allow the big toe to keep forward while walking


Or if your shoes have higher heels that will also lower the angle of the ankle,

forcing the calf muscles and Achilles tendon to shorten


Now in the market, most shoes are with narrow front part.

This will squeeze the toes together

Prevent them from dispersing naturally when walking

So when choosing shoes, compare the width of the bare feet and the width of the shoes to choose the right shoes


Walking like this will give more pressure squeezes to the position of the big toe

These may the causes of your foot pain or other foot problems.

Inappropriate shoes and wrong gait

Can cause chronic inflammation of toe joints and cysts



So how to choose yourself a rigth shoes is very important.

You can choose barefoot style shoes

Simple flat soles or shoes with wider toes

If you are aimed at creat your own shoes brand to bring people healthy and compfortable shoes.

We are ready to give our Professional guidance and advice.

We do OEM shoes , customized sneakers with your own logo etc.

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