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Function of sports shoes

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Function of sports shoes

According to different functional characteristics, sports shoes can be divided into the following 5 types:

Control action

It is suitable for moderate to severe inverted feet and people with higher body weight. It can improve the runner's control of the heel and running movements, and can support the arch of the foot. The external feature is that the arch of the foot is thickened, and the weight of the shoe is medium and heavy.

Shock absorption and cushioning

It is suitable for runners who have good running skills, use the forefoot or the middle ground, and use the sole and the outside to support the runner. The weight of the shoes is medium to heavy, with thick soles.


It is suitable for runners with mild to moderate varus feet, supporting the middle and outside of the foot. The weight of the shoes is medium.


It is suitable for runners who have good running skills, light weight or slightly inverted feet. The self-weight of the shoe is relatively light.


The soles are thicker and the grooves are deeper. It is suitable for running on natural ground such as land and forest. The weight of the shoes is heavier.

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