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How a Pair of Shoes Are Made

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Our standard in Labang is 8-9 stitches per inch. Some small factories only have 4-5 stitches per inch, which will cause uneven bottoms. This is a particularly small detail. The quality of a pair of shoes lies in this detail.

We have quality inspection links for each molding process, such as front-end quality inspection, back-end quality inspection, packaging quality inspection, to maximize the fault tolerance rate of shoes.

Basically the shoes we make online have no smell, glue and materials are all environmentally friendly.

In order to prevent the shoes from opening during use, we will also brush the glue twice to make the shoes firmer and not easy to open the glue. Generally, the adjusted glue should be used up within 2 hours, and the glue within two hours can maximize the bonding performance.

We have two presses and this is done for better adhesion.

Check the oven temperature every two hours. We know that each pair of shoes needs to go through the oven at different times and temperatures. If negligence in this regard, it will bring great trouble to consumers in the later stage.

the oven at different times and temperatures. After this series of production, the shoes produced will be guaranteed, and there will be no glue or thread.

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