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How to choose shoes that fit your feet?

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How can I buy healthy feet and shoes to ensure my feet fit? If you know the following points, you can buy "good shoes".

How to choose fitting shoes

Question 1: What are fit shoes?

When it comes to fitting shoes, there should be two aspects, one is the feeling, and the other is the structure. Rubbing back and forth can easily cause damage; if the toe cap is too small, various feet may squeeze and cause physical injury. The structure refers to the reasonable selection of the various components and materials of the shoes. For example, the distance surface should be made of materials with good air permeability, otherwise, it is easy to cover the feet and smelly feet. The sole should be made of elastic material. The shoe design should support the arch of the foot as much as possible.

Question 2: What are we called "good shoes"?

A pair of shoes is good, and the above technology meets the following conditions: the upper must be comfortable and suction shoes; the shoes must be prominent and do not squeeze the skin; the movement elasticity of the front and middle uppers must be curved to facilitate walking. The forefoot is on the ground; the back and sole of the shoe are strong and support the arch of the foot; the heel of the shoe should be smooth and streamlined to facilitate the release of the pressure on the sole.

For different purposes, we should also choose hiking shoes with different functions. We should buy our own hiking shoes, not running shoes or business shoes; sturdy leather and snow, choose uppers, waterproof and breathable shoes should keep warm. Snow boots with unbearable soles.

Question 3: When to buy shoes?

It is best to buy shoes from 3 pm to 6 pm for the first time, because after a day of shopping, you may wait until you don’t know the size of your feet, and then you can’t afford them at other times of the day.

Secondly, don't choose shoes. When buying shoes, the length and length of the earphones are appropriate, and the size of the internal space is also very important. If you wear shoes, you should tie your shoelaces and try again to see if you squeeze or rub your feet.

Third, you can't just try three pairs of shoes. About two-thirds of people have different feet. You must wear both feet when trying on shoes, and finally, choose shoes according to the size of your feet.

It is best not to choose new shoes for grinding feet. Some shoes have thicker trademarks, hard stitches at the seams of each part, and poor elasticity of the ankle leather. , The longer the survival time, the greater the damage to the feet.

Fifth, it is greedy to buy low-quality shoes cheaply. Many people pursue new trends but are unwilling to spend money on genuine shoes. Unconsciously, "you get what you pay for". Inferior shoe processors are to suppress fake shoes, produce appearance and shape. Real heel shoes are not high-quality shoes that can use more real shoes, let alone the unique skills of real shoes. Wearing low-quality shoes for a long time may cause irreparable damage to your feet.

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