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How to choose slippers

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The easiest way is a good slippers, no pungent odor, and no pungent scent.


Good slippers, the color of the fabric is positive, the embroidered pattern is beautiful and three-dimensional, the embroidery lines are full, and the fabric used in the slippers is good.


Slippers of good quality do not cut corners. The weight of the selected materials is relatively higher, and the thickness of the filling sponge is relatively large. Naturally it will be heavier than poor quality shoes.


Good quality slippers, folded by hand, will not show white inferiority. They are authentic rubber materials. It is not easy to break, has good flexibility, and has no peculiar smell. If you fold it over, the folded part of the sole will immediately start to turn white, and when it is restored to its original shape, the folded part will become discolored and deformed, which is naturally a bad sole. Most of the raw materials used are garbage crushed powder, and then bleached to add flavor. Once this type of bottom has been cleaned twice, its life will be short. When the weather is too cold, it will be weathered into pieces.

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