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How we produce vulcanized canvas shoes

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We always wear vulcanized casual canvas shoes, you may wonder about the whole production process.

Today, follow with us to find out.

1. The design first designs the sample draft, and the experienced model designer splits the shoes according to the sample draft and draws the floor plan of each structure of the shoe. Generally, there are more than ten to twenty types of structural components, and the structure is much larger and the complexity is high.

Computer shoe design drawing:

shoe design

Manually out of shoe style:

2. The rubber is a natural material, which has a green and environmental protection effect. The rubber sole is a very traditional shoe sole. It is wear-resistant, non-slip, shock-absorbing, soft, good in quality, and excellent in high-temperature resistance. There are more chemical materials involved, such as natural rubber, titanium dioxide, gasoline, and other dozens of raw materials. After rubber breaking, color mixing, mixing, and other processes in the rubber mixing workshop, it is mixed into film, which is used when waiting for molding.

Natural rubber:

Natural rubber

Ingredients for scouring

shoe rubber

Shoe Outsole Mould:

shoe outsole mould

Solid color, color, mixed color shoe outsole:

shoe outsole

Outer strips, toe cap:

Outer strips, toe cap

3. Buy fabrics, shoelaces, eyelets, customize shoe logos and so on.

Canvas fabric:

Cutting the upper:

Cutting fabric

Stitch the upper:

Stitch the upper

Spike eye:

Spike eye

4. Make the last abrasive tool according to the size of the sample shoe, car the upper and then put the last inside the shoe, put on the front edge, nail the front edge, nail the lining, nail the bead, and go to the fore. Welts, butt seams on the back side, nail bowl mouth, nail bead, affixed back inner ankle cloth, nail bead, upper back welt, nailed back strip, nailed heel strip, upper heel welt, nailed heel, top Shoe tongue, upper head, inspection finished upper.

Aluminum shoe last size 22-45:

Put the shoe last in:

Meng Gang:


Front machine:

Front machine

Back machine:

back machine

5. Put the shoes into the vulcanizer to heat to maintain uniformity and stability.


6. Take off the last, clean up, inspect shoes, match pairs, jam paper, put into poly bag or box, and ship!

To know more information, please feel free to contact us!

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