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Huang xuan organized badminton fitness activities

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Huang xuan organized badminton fitness activities

In order to enrich the sports culture life of employees, stimulate their enthusiasm, show the spirit of employees, and further enhance the team spirit and cohesion among employees, Hangzhou Huangxuan Trading Co., Ltd. held the first badminton group building activity at 18:00 PM on May 7th.

Through the crowded 18 o'clock evening peak, Huang Xuan's friends came to the stadium, as athletes. Serve, push, hook, save the ball......Everyone was very passionate, and the atmosphere was very active. On the court, the partner's vigorous posture, accurate ball flapping, and rapid defense, again and again, detonated the atmosphere of the scene but also left a wonderful moment on the field. Next, follow our lens together to review this wonderful activity!


On the court, the players walk vigorously, sweat profusely, light badminton bounce and dance in the air, draw a beautiful arc, a wonderful button pressure, a wonderful competition, highlighting everyone's passion and vitality.

Singles, mixed doubles, everyone back and forth, with tacit understanding, the lively, the court. In the arena, everyone is passionate, on the spacious court, racket waving, badminton spinning, laughter, and cheers staggered each other.

Doubles partners are from the beginning of the raw to later tacit understanding, back and forth, and clear division of labor. After two hours of vigorous exercise, the partners have said that they had not had such a carefree exercise for a long time. And some partners do not care about the playing skills and score, simply as a way to decompression,  often laugh because of can not receive the ball. At the same time, the company also prepared mineral water for the exercise staff to replenish water in time.

After a fierce competition, the activity was successfully concluded at 20 o'clock on the same day. These two hours of continuous competition also let the various departments have a deeper understanding, exchange, and understanding, we will continue to carry forward the enterprising spirit in the future, and shine in the work! Please continue to be positive and sunny! Come on, Huang Xuan people!

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