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Introduction to flip-flops

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Introduction to flip-flops

Flip-flops, referred to as flip-flops, are also called "flip-flops". Just by listening to the pronunciation of the word, the rhythm of kicking and pedaling has spread a kind of randomness and ease. Merchants say that ''flip-flops'' will make the ankles, calves and thighs symmetrical, and have a wonderful effect on leg health; doctors say that wearing ''flip-flops'' is harmful to health and can cause joint pain and ankle sprains. Wait for a series of foot problems. Although there is an argument, the conclusion is not yet reached. Therefore, the "flip-flops" that represent fashion, freedom, liveliness and happiness are still young people's favorites.

The history of flip-flops can be said to be quite long. As early as thousands of years ago, humans used animal skins or all available materials to wrap the soles of their feet. That can be said to be the earliest prototype of flip-flops-the most basic mechanics principle of shoes. ! As for the flip-flops, it was Japan and Brazil. In addition to the typical Japanese clogs-style flip flops, Brazil's gum-style is the most comfortable.

Flip-flops, shoes that are full of free spirit and casual feeling, are very popular among designers and are used in fashion shows. On the other hand, although the structure of flip-flops is simple, they have unlimited creative possibilities. Illustrators and designers can use simple flip-flop buckles and flat soles as canvases for free creation, and ordinary consumers can even freely create themselves, and use flip-flop buckles and shoe soles as a free color match. Create a personal design exclusive. And a pair of finished flip flops can also be freely created by pasting various decorations. Such "liberalism", how can it not let the floppy supporters grow stronger day by day.

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