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Introduction to sandals

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Introduction to sandals

Sandals are an open type of footwear. It is a kind of shoe that fixes the sole on the foot through a belt, a clip or through the arch and ankle. It is a shoe that can be worn by both men and women, but the women's styles are more abundant.

Because of its extremely simple structure, sandals are the earliest footware in human history. It evolved from the original wrapper. Sandals have appeared in ancient civilizations, and their appearance and structure seem to be "a pair of solid soles tied with a belt or rope" style.

Sandals can be divided into many types: flat bottom, slope heel, high heel, fish mouth, strap, herringbone, set toe and other styles. It is mainly worn barefoot and can also be worn with socks. Sometimes the difference between sandals and other types of shoes is not obvious, but it is generally believed that sandals expose most of the feet, especially the toes.

Sandals are generally matched in summer, but you can also wear them in spring and autumn (just need to pay attention to keep warm, it is best to add a pair of socks). Now there are also sandals that are specially worn in winter.

It is traditionally believed that most types of sandals are the same as slippers. In schools, there are physical education classes and morning exercises, attending solemn occasions, doing various sports, and climbing mountains. They are not suitable for wearing; but a few fish-mouth shoes are suitable for formal occasions.

All in all, sandals are now gradually becoming a fashion dress rather than just a summer dress.

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