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MODEL Outsole Material Introduction

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MODEL (MD) outsole is mostly used with rubber outsole. It is made from EVA material by two times foam. It's lighter and has better elasticity than EVA, It's wear-resistant and not easy to deformation, but the color is too dark, glossy, and has air holes. The process is complex, costly, and time-consuming. It has begun to be eliminated.

MD outsole sole

IP outsole is made of EVA material injected, it's 30% lighter than MD outsole (scientifically determined, the foot is one gram lighter, the burden of the spine burden is reduced by 6-10 grams). It's glossy, smooth, and has no air holes. The material is meticulous, flexible, wear-resistant, and lightweight. It is the best outsole material nowadays, but the price is high. Most outdoor running shoes use this sole material.

IP outsole

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