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Production Process of Sneaker

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Sports and leisure sneakers have developed to a very high level, and some of the internal production processes and production processes of the company have been effectively operated.

How we produce shoes

From the above process, it is not difficult. From the single to the finished product export, the finished shoe has to go through about 1 road, and each line is divided into labor, and then more than 30 processes are produced.

shoes production

Production process and technology:

The shoe is only composed of the upper material and comes with a monotonous rigidity. In order to have a distinctive feature and show different personality characteristics, people have a variety of colors, styles and characteristics in the opposite leather surface and mesh mouth. This is it. The main deformation effect of the craftsmanship can be personally hazy, three-dimensional, metal texture, speed and other beautiful and aesthetic appeals.

sample shoes

In general science, the following ten steps are required from materials to shoes:

Style design-open board-color matching-blanking (including ordering the outsole and purchasing materials)

—— Ingredients (high frequency, drop needle, electric embroidery) — sewing machine — quality inspection — quality inspection — the packaging

The following is a detailed description of the above production process:

1. Style design

There are two main sources of style design:

One is to buy or buy through books, or on the market, and then make appropriate modifications, plus self

Own characteristics

The other is to perform a script based on your own inspiration and performance out of thin air. This kind of genius with rich design experience has a way.

2. Open the board

Open board is the top level with the highest technical content and the most comprehensive shoe-making process among all shoe-making processes.

The key to beautiful appearance, reasonable collocation and regional coordination lies in the opening of the board.

The mold opening, the effect material, and the outsole must be traced in place.

3. Color matching

Ordinary companies have ordinary people.

It feels blue, cool and fashionable, green, yellow, black, such a relaxed and comfortable feeling; while the yellow, gray, and dark blue temperament are timeless and quiet, such as feeling that the movie is not lost.

4. Unloading (including ordering outsoles and purchasing materials)

1. Sole

There are four main types of shoe soles currently popular on the market:

(1) TPR

This is a very common sole on the market. Its price is usually 5.5~9.5 yuan (depending on the sole and sole), and it's folding resistance, wear resistance, cold resistance, various properties, and visual beauty are all of the general grades. General and mid-range materials. For example: medium stripping, high stripping, net cloth, this kind of nubuck princess material.

(2) 3D

It is a more common sole in the market. It is mainly injected by EVA, and the price is between 6 and 9 yuan (depending on the style). ③Fold-resistant, ④not abrasion-resistant

(3) RB (rubber)

Rubber is also one of the common soles on the market. Mainly by rubber injection molding, the price is 5.5~9 yuan (refer to the sole shoes). Its main features are: ①Heavier, ②Abrasion resistant, ③General folding resistance, ④General performance.

(4) Doctor of Medicine

This is a relatively high-end sole on the market, the price is 16-30 yuan (mainly depending on the sole).

Generally match with more high-end. For example: super, high peeling, leather princess material; it is mainly composed of rubber, EVA, TPV materials.

Its main features are ① wear resistance, ② folding resistance, ③ cold resistance, ④ lightening, ⑤ particularly strong various properties, ⑥ high-end appearance, ⑦ its price is relatively expensive

2. Material

There are thousands of shoe-making materials on the market. Below I will briefly introduce a few:

(1) Microfiber

Microfiber is the best chemical material on the market. The price is between 80 and 110 yuan (mainly depending on the quality). Its characteristics are: ① folding resistance, ② abrasion resistance, ③ excellent softness, ④ no peeling, ⑤ One kind

The feel of the skin.

Its identification method is: the inside is dressed like leather, but the shoes are soft, thinner, and particularly good.

(2) High stripping

High stripping is a higher material in the market, the price is between 32-40 yuan.

Its characteristics are ① relatively good wear performance, ② general folding resistance, ③ general abrasion resistance, ④ soft

The sex is average.

(3) Middle stripping

Middle stripping is a very common material, with a lower grade, and the price is 23-30 yuan. It is characterized by

High hiding distance, harder, poorer stripping performance.

(4) Mesh

Mesh is one of the very important materials for making sports shoes. The price is 7-15 yuan (depending on the situation).

Its main features are: ① folding resistance, ② cold resistance, ③ soft, ④ good air permeability, ⑤ light.

5. Ingredients (high frequency, plastic drop, electric embroidery)

(1) High frequency:

Hot-pressing high-frequency connection: Relying on the high-frequency melting machine to press the concave-convex shape on the plane of the synthetic leather and mesh; the effect is strong, the edges and corners are sharp, the three-dimensional feeling is strong and the shape is lasting.

High-frequency printing: printing combined with high-frequency operations to make the pattern exquisite and exquisite.

Hot cut high frequency: To process a transparent or opaque material onto another material, a mold must be opened for special treatment. Therefore, the cost is high and the difficulty is high. It is a comprehensive performance of the technical level.

(2) Genius, gradual change:

Lights and lights enrich the performance of colors and textures, with obvious effects and strong appeal.

(3) With drip plastic: shoe craftsmanship, using different molding three-dimensional effects, the material is made into shoe uppers, drip plastic and out drip image, the shaping texture is softer, but the material is tough, and the relationship requires high cost. But as a result, the mold is very delicate, the three-dimensional effect is particularly strong, and it is quite appealing.

(4) Electric embroidery: computer embroidery, embroidering various decorative styles on shoes, especially the common electric embroidery technology of brand LOGO.

There are two main types of electric embroidery: one is appliqué, which embroiders the material on other materials; the other is ordinary embroidery.

6. Hand over the ingredients with good ingredients to ordinary sewing machines to form an organic whole.

7. Quality inspection, that is, quality inspection.

8. Forming, put the needle upper and the sole car together to form a whole pair of shoes.

After that, it is packaged and passed the quality inspection.

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