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Quality appraisal of sports shoes

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Quality appraisal of sports shoes

To identify the quality of shoes, we need to look at the appearance and internal indicators. Since internal indicators often require the help of testing instruments, it is more practical for a consumer to identify the quality of shoes from the appearance. From the appearance, the quality of the shoes is mainly identified by the quality of the shoe material (including the upper, the sole, and the inside of the shoe) and the workmanship. The size can be measured, and the craftsmanship is mainly based on visual inspection, hand touch, pinch, and push.

Upper (help)

The upper is one of the main components of the shoe. For smooth shoes, it depends on whether it is soft and plump. After pressing the upper with your hand, whether there is loose surface phenomenon. A good shoe upper should be plump and soft, feel comfortable, have uniform gloss and no loose surface. For the uppers of suede shoes, pay attention to check whether the fluff is short and uniform, and the color tone should also be consistent. The shoe lining is a part of the upper, which is used to reinforce the upper, prevent extension and deformation of the upper, and improve the feel of the foot. Therefore, good shoe lining materials (such as real leather shoes) should have good touch, breathability and moisture removal, and not easy to decolorize. When sewing, there should be no wrinkles and fat edges in the shoes.


Normal men's shoes use the rear half pad or heel pad of the insole. Women's shoes use a full pad covering the insole. The insole has the function of keeping the inner sole of the shoe clean and covering the unevenness of the inner sole to improve the feeling of the foot. Therefore, the insole should have good moisture absorption and drainage. In terms of workmanship, the insole should be adhered to the insole flatly, and there should be no hanging wrinkles.


From the appearance point of view, the bonding state of the periphery of the outsole should be closely bonded without gaps, and the bottom surface should be flat.


Whether it is low-heeled or high-heeled, the first thing to look at is whether it fits with the shoe naturally and flush. For women's shoes above half high heels. The following two points are more important: First, the heel should be firmly installed on the insole. Swing back and forth and left and right should not shake; second, the palm surface should not be smaller than the bottom surface of the heel.


On the one hand, looking at the material of the insole, it is best to be genuine leather. On the other hand, it is necessary to forcefully press the waist with your hands, which is equivalent to the part of the instep when wearing shoes. Under the action of this kind of force, if the edge of the shoe is deformed, it indicates that there is a problem with the quality of the shoe.


Place the shoes on a flat surface, and the shoes should immediately stand still. Such shoes have good stability, which is also one of the basic conditions for high-quality shoes.

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