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Shoe and Sneaker Basic Knowledge

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Shoes are an indispensable item in our life. Shoes must be comfortable so that we can live, work and study better. Since shoes are so important to us, we should learn how to choose shoes that suit us and how to maintain them. Today, I will introduce some common sense about shoes.

Little common sense of shoes

1. No matter where the shoes are worn, use a wet towel to cover the shoes where the feet are being worn for a few minutes, and tap a few times with a hammer to relieve or solve the pain of grinding feet.

2. The earliest high-heeled shoes were 12 cm. They were first introduced in France. They were first worn by men and not worn by women. It really increased my knowledge!

3. The best time to buy shoes is from 3 to 6 pm. Because after a day of fatigue and work, the lower limbs will appear edema to varying degrees. If you buy shoes at this time, as long as you wear them comfortably, you will not squeeze your feet again in the future.

4. Choose a shoe with a slightly darker color than your skin to make your legs look slender.

5. Most people's feet are not the same size. Most people's right feet are larger than their left feet. When buying shoes, you must try on both.

6. Try on shoes and try to stand, because the feet will be slightly larger than when sitting. Take a few more steps to get a feel for the stability and size of the shoe.

7. A heel with a suitable thickness has the effect of extending the leg line. In order not to make the shoes appear particularly abrupt in the overall shape, the thickness of the heel is proportional to the body and calf. In fact, the most important thing is a personal preference.

8. Human feet are divided into Egyptian feet, Roman feet, and Greek feet. Studies have found that people with Greek feet usually have slender limbs, and most beautiful women have the characteristics of long second toes. How about yours?


9. Beating cockroaches with slippers may lead to infectious diseases. I really can't imagine that in the future, let the cockroaches run away obediently.

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