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Deodorant tips:

1. Alcohol deodorization

Before going to bed every night, dip a cotton ball or cloth head with a little alcohol, and evenly apply it to the glue and sneakers that have just been taken off, and wait until the next morning to dry before wearing.


2. Dehydrated alum or dry lime powder to deodorize shoes

Take an appropriate amount of dehydrated alum or dry lime powder, put it in a small cloth bag, put it into the shoes before going to bed every night, and the wet smell in the shoes can be eliminated the next day.

3. Charcoal to deodorize shoes

When charcoal is put into shoes, it can not only absorb the moisture in the shoes, but also absorb the odor in the shoes. The deodorizing ability of activated carbon is stronger.

4. Tea leaves to deodorize shoes

The tea is wrapped in gauze into a small ball, and then stuffed into the shoes. Tieguanyin and Pu'er have a very good deodorizing effect on shoes.


5. Lemon slices or orange help with leather shoes 

Put lemon slices or orange peels in the shoes, usually after a night, the shoe odor can basically be removed, and there will be some fresh fragrance.


6. White vinegar to deodorize shoes

Soak a paper towel in white vinegar, then put the paper towel in the shoes, and after a while, wait for the white vinegar to evaporate to remove the shoe odor.

7. Soda powder to deodorize shoes

Sprinkle an appropriate amount of baking soda in the shoes to absorb the sweat in the shoes and achieve the purpose of deodorization. However, according to my test, the deodorizing effect is not very obvious, and it is slightly relieved.

8. Household talcum powder and salt to deodorize shoes

Sprinkle talcum powder and salt in your shoes to absorb sweat and deodorize them.

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