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Shoe Production: What Are the Popular Insoles Material

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An essential part of our shoes is the insole. The insole is different, and the feeling is very different. Let's learn the insoles of the shoes together.

Insoles for shoes

1: EVA;

EVA is not cold to the touch, similar to rubber. The real rubber feels hard to the touch and feels slightly cold. If EVA is pinched with a nail, there will be dent marks, and the blowing is not breathable. EVA insoles have outstanding support and good elasticity and are used in sport's shoes. However, EVA is not breathable, so it is not recommended to use this type of insole for people with a lot of sweat and foot odor.

2: TPR;

This type of insole looks crystal clear, similar to jelly. Some people think it is silica gel. This type of insole feels cool to the touch. It won't be deformed when you knead it with your hands. It has good resilience and is suitable for shock absorption. Contrasts for women's shoes are more common. It is not recommended for people with sweaty feet.

3: Latex;

Latex insoles look like loose rubber and are very breathable. Latex insoles can deodorize, absorb sweat, are soft, have a moderate price, and are widely recommended. The defect is poor wear resistance and short service time.

4: Sponge;

The appearance of the sponge insole is also exquisite. Compared with EVA and TPR, the appearance is not as good as that. We should be familiar with sponges in contrast. The most common sponges are: Baolifeng, Baoliyou, Osley; these three kinds of raw materials have the function of absorbing sweat, breathable and deodorizing, and have very good resilience and moderate prices. Wear-resistant and durable without deformation, it is strongly recommended to consumers. At present, sponge insoles have no significant defects.

5: Leather;

The leather is breathable, deodorant, and looks high-end. The disadvantage is that the leather will no longer be soft after a long time, and no longer deodorizes, so it needs to be replaced in time.

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