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Learn the following tips, take good care of each pair of shoes, you can extend their wearing period, and walk with you for several years.


❶Keep the shoes dry and breathable

Shoes should be stored in a ventilated and dry place. If you have not worn shoes for a long time, they should be taken out for ventilation at least three months. But do not expose to the sun directly, in order to prevent the humidity in the shoe cabinet from being too high, you can also place a moisture-proof dehumidifier.


❷ Keep using shoes to avoid storing for too long

The shoes will not be damaged if they are not placed, and the adhesive on the sole is not resistant to moisture, which will cause the sole to become brittle and become a lot of powder. Take it out from time to time to check for damage, and do simple leather maintenance to avoid dryness. But the best way is to wear multiple pairs of shoes in turns.


❸Prevent shoe deformation & eliminate peculiar smell

Most of the deformation of shoes is caused by the condition of use, such as the shape of the foot and the way of walking are the most directly affected.

Stuffing newspaper/dry cloth in the shoes can help prevent the shoes from deforming easily, and can effectively deodorize them. The newspaper can also absorb moisture.


❹Maintain good shoe habit

When wearing shoes with laces, you should loosen the laces before putting them on to avoid deformation of the shoes due to squeezing.

When taking off your shoes, you should also avoid stepping on the heel of the shoe, or stepping on the upper with your left and right foot to avoid creases and damage to the upper.



❺Shoe upper maintenance needs to be cleaned regularly

You can use a soft dry cloth or a small brush to remove dust. If stains are attached, you can use appropriate soapy water/diluted shampoo to wipe gently. It is not recommended to spray alcohol directly on the shoe surface, which will not only damage the leather surface, but may also cause the shoes fade.

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