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Shopping guide for sneakers

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Shopping guide for sneakers

The first trick:

It is best to choose shoes around 3 to 6 in the afternoon, because the feet will swell slightly at this time. If the size selected at this time does not feel small, it will be fine to wear at other times of the day. Try on while standing, because your feet will be slightly larger when standing than when sitting. When trying on, you can't just wear it in and look in the mirror and buy it. You must walk a few steps back and forth to carefully feel the stability and size of the shoes.

The second trick:

Bring your own clean socks when trying shoes, which is easy to put on and take off when trying shoes, and avoid the embarrassment of sweat stains in the tried shoes.

The third trick:

About two-thirds of people have two different feet. Remember which one is long and which one is short. You must try on both feet when trying on shoes. Choose shoes according to the slightly larger foot. You cannot choose shoes based on shoe size alone or buy them on behalf of someone else. You must try them on yourself, because the specific size of the shoes will vary depending on the last, style, or brand model standards.

Fourth trick:

Feet will expand and contract with the season, so when you buy summer discount shoes in winter, try on the right size that is slightly smaller than that in summer.

The fifth trick:

The ideal size is at least: ten toes can move freely in the shoe, with comfortable padding and moderate internal space; the curvature of the sole and the depression of the foot fits well, and the ankle bone and toe cannot touch the shoe; the forefoot There must be a certain amount of room for movement. If there is a finger distance between the heel and the back of the shoe when the toe is pressed against the toe, this size is just right; the upper surface of the sole of the heel should be well attached to the heel and walk You can’t slide back and forth when you’re in the same position; from top to bottom, check whether the arch of the foot is consistent with the center arc of the shoe, and check whether the tightness of the foot circumference is appropriate.

Sixth trick:

Don’t allow your feet to give in to a pair of shoes that don’t fit the size because of the temptation of discounts at the end of the season or because you really like it. Even if you wear shoes that are too small for a long time, the extent of support is limited. , Foot pain, leg pain, back pain and a series of symptoms.

Seventh trick:

If the pair of shoes in front of you have the design you dream of, the almost perfect arc, the most fashionable color and the reasonable price, you will fall in love with it at first sight. It's a pity that the material is not good, so I advise you to choose to pass it by.

Eighth trick:

Check the quality of the leather of the shoe, not on the toe but on the sides of the shoe. It is best to touch the leather on both sides when choosing shoes to see if the thickness is even.

Ninth trick:

Choose a soft and elastic sole to disperse the impact more evenly.

Tenth trick:

Generally speaking, a comfortable match is: the higher the heel, the wider the trousers; the shorter the heel, the narrower the trousers.

Eleventh trick:

Choosing shoes that are slightly darker than the skin tone will make you look tall and tall.

Twelfth trick:

If you like it, we recommend choosing shoes with laces close to your skin color.

Thirteenth trick:

Choose sports shoes with scientific arch design to reduce the reaction force from the human body on the ground, balance the force of the foot, make the arch of the foot in a neutral state of three-point force, reduce foot fatigue, and increase the body's motor function.

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