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Sports shoe upper material classification and performance introduction

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The fabrics of sports shoes are normally PVC, PU, nubuck, microfiber, natural leather, mesh and other categories.

(1) PVC: Most of them are cheaper, have poor texture, are not cold-resistant, and are not resistant to folding; products do not use PVC as a fabric.

(2) PU leather/nubuck: It is the most common material on the market. PU leather is soft, elastic, feels good, and has a shiny surface. The surface of Nuba is mostly matte, rough to the touch, less glossy and matte, and most of them are inelastic. Although Nuba and PU are different, they each have their own characteristics. Relatively speaking, PU is more widely used, and the price ranges from a dozen to a hundred. Sneakers use mid-range or higher nubuck and PU leather as uppers.

(3) Microfiber: soft texture, uniform texture, performance is very close to natural leather, but the more uniform thickness and elasticity than natural leather, is one of the best materials in artificial leather.

(4) Natural leather: It is a generally recognized material. It is breathable, soft, peel-resistant, folding-resistant, cold-resistant, and durable. The disadvantage is that it has flaws, many pores, and irregular shapes that are not easy to tailor. Natural leather has always been loved by people; there are many kinds of leather for shoes, such as cowhide, pigskin, deerskin, ostrich skin, carp skin, snakeskin and so on. Sports shoes generally use a cowhide. The cowhide can be divided into the first layer and the second layer. The first layer is also called the pearl skin, and the second layer is called the second layer of patent leather. Generally, the price of the first layer is 35 times that of the second layer. Sports shoes, especially basketball shoes, use a lot of first-layer cowhide, which is very valuable.

(5) Mesh: It is mainly divided into three categories. The main material is mesh, which is used in the exposed part of the upper surface. It is light and has good air permeability and bending resistance, such as sandwich mesh. Neckline accessories, such as velvet, BK cloth, and lining accessories, such as Lixin cloth. The main features are wear resistance and good ventilation.

(6) The bottom material and upper material of sports shoes are marked on the shoe box, which can be compared. Let's talk about the components of the shoes: the shoes are mainly composed of the upper surface, the inner lining (lining), the front and rear ironing soles, the front and rear toe caps, the midsole (also called the inch sole), the sole and other parts. Help surface: The material is generally leather (LEATHER) or artificial leather, etc. The leather material is uneven, and the best is the first layer of leather, which is soft and flexible. There are many kinds of artificial leather. The most I have come into contact with is PU leather. The thickness is measured by silk, generally, 80 silk, and the good one can reach 140 silk. It is suitable for the production of single-layer uppers (without the lining) and is comfortable to wear. Today's most popular PU leather has many patterns such as rubberized leather, rubbed leather, bubble pattern, crazy horse pattern, size pattern, Nappa pattern, 18 pattern,s and so on. The sole is an important part of the shoe, there are PU sole, TPR sole, PVC sole, and combined sole.

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