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Suggestions for buying sports shoes

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Suggestions for buying sports shoes

The American Academy of Podiatry has put forward the following 6 suggestions for athletes to buy sports shoes:

1. No matter how sophisticated the design is for sports shoes, don't choose them if you feel uncomfortable when wearing them.

2. Don't just buy according to the size of your feet, but also look at the weight of the shoes.

3. Go to the store when the size of your foot is the largest (at night or after exercise).

4. Wear ordinary cotton socks when shopping.

5. Make sure that the shoes leave enough space for your toes. Make sure that there is a thumb joint length from the longest toe to the top of the shoe.

6. When making a decision to buy, pay attention to the design of the shoes. This will help you choose a pair of shoes that suits your feet and suits your form of sports.

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