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The difference between sports shoes

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The difference between sports shoes

1. Football shoes are easier to identify. Generally, football shoes are much more dexterous, and the shoes are thinner and fit better. The more prominent feature is that the sole has molded studs and convertible studs, which are suitable for football fields and can provide good grip. The toe and vamp have obvious car lines, which can prevent deformation and are durable.

2. All-round sports shoes are suitable for people who like a variety of sports but only practice a few times a week. There are two types: training type and speed type. The toe cap of the training type is slightly warped, with turned rubber, and the upper is mostly nylon mesh; the speed type is similar to running shoes.

3. Aerobic sports shoes are generally high-top, relatively light. The sole pattern is not deep, suitable for exercise on the carpet; the sole pattern is deep or multi-directional, suitable for exercise on the wooden floor.

4. Skateboard shoes are also called "casual shoes". The shoes are lighter, and the rubber sole emphasizes the grip performance, which can hold the skateboard better.

5. Trekking shoes When hiking in the wild, often step on sand and walk on uneven ground, and sometimes need to walk through mountain streams. Hikers with heavier backpacks are prone to sprains and slips. Therefore, hiking shoes are generally mid-top, with bumps on the soles, emphasizing the grip performance.

VI. Hiking shoes have to face harsh environments and cold and windy climates, so these shoes are generally heavy, very strong, very tough, and require very good warmth. If you are going to a snowy mountain, professional high-altitude hiking boots are generally double-layered. The outer boots are made of plastic, and the inner boots are made of warm and breathable materials, which can withstand the cold of minus 40°C. Full hard-soled shoes can be matched with crampons or skis.

Sports shoes, as the name suggests, refer to shoes worn during fitness or competitive sports. It can meet the various needs of people's transportation and ensure that the human foot can perform its basic functions in sports. Sports are divided into competitive sports and fitness sports, as well as leisure sports, recreational sports and so on. No matter what kind of exercise, you need to wear shoes with protective effect and improve the effect of exercise on your feet.

Broadly understood as: the training process of fitness sports, leisure sports, recreational sports and professional competitive sports and the types of shoes used in official competition sports are all sports shoes.

It includes travel shoes, leather sports shoes, rubber shoes, cloth shoes and slippers.

Whether it is a broad or narrow sense of sports shoes, they must meet the characteristics of sports. Whether it is fitness sports or competitive sports, sports shoes are required to meet the requirements of mechanics, biology, ergonomics, kinesiology, exercise physiology, and hygiene in sports. It is also necessary to consider helping athletes improve their performance or create better Sports performance. Therefore, the characteristics of sports should be fully considered in the design and manufacture of sports shoes, which is a sign that sports shoes are different from other footwear such as leather shoes.

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