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The matching of sandals

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The matching of sandals

Clothing match

From the perspective of clothes, usually, fair-skinned girls like to choose colors with higher brightness and chroma, while sandals try to choose plain colors, which will give the overall sense of balance and will not let themselves become Christmas tree; and girls with slightly yellow skin usually like to choose cool clothes such as green, blue and other colors, so they must use the same color shoes to adjust, because green and blue clothes are difficult to match with warm shoes, if they don’t fit well , It is better to use the same color insurance.

Nail polish match

The decoration close to the shoes is the nail polish on the feet. The choice of nail polish can be the same color, or use adjacent colors and contrast colors to emphasize the characteristics, and make a bold attempt. Brightly colored sandals match golden and silver nail polishes, and can brighten the skin tone. Secondly, black and white are also good choices. Dark colored shoes can be matched with rust red and brown nail polish, which can help enhance the sense of color. Golden orange is also a good choice, which can bring a sense of health.

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