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The way to dry your shoes quickly

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1. Place desiccant: in fact, when we eat snacks, many snacks will put that small bag of desiccant. After eating snacks, collect these desiccants. After collecting a certain amount, you can put these desiccants directly in the shoes. As long as the desiccant has enough amount, the shoes will dry.


2. Iron: If some parts of the shoe are accidentally wet, but the area is not particularly large, want to dry the shoes as soon as possible, you can directly take the iron, iron the shoes. The shoes can dry quickly. This method is intended only for shoes that can be ironed with an iron. For example, canvas shoes are more appropriate.


3. Hair dryer: if the shoes accidentally touch the water in some places, want the shoes to dry as soon as possible, this time you can directly take the home electric wind blowing open to the hot air gear, directly to the water area fierce blow. After a few minutes, the shoes can dry. But if your shoes are white, don't use this method, otherwise, the white shoes will have ugly yellow marks.


4. Newspaper: if the shoes are wet, want to let the shoes dry as soon as possible, this time you can directly take some old newspapers at home, first crumple the newspaper into a ball, then put it in the shoes, after the group directly into the shoes, and then with some old newspaper shoes wrapped. Then put it in the sun, so that you can dry the shoes quickly.


5. Special shoe dryer: if you want the shoes to dry as soon as possible, and do not cause harm to the shoes, this time you can directly use a special shoe dryer, a special shoe dryer for particularly difficult to dry the toe part, can be effective and fast drying.


6. Toilet paper: if the wet shoes happen to be white, if you want the white shoes to dry as soon as possible, at this time, you can directly take some toilet paper and wrap them on the shoes. Then put a black plastic bag on the outside of the shoes and expose it to the sun. Shoes can also dry very quickly, and the white shoes will become whiter.


7. Place bamboo charcoal bag: if the shoes are accidentally wet, the next day wear, this time want to let the shoes dry quickly. You can put some bamboo charcoal bags directly in the shoes. Bamboo charcoal bags can not only effectively remove the moisture from the shoes, but also can effectively absorb some odor on the shoes.


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