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UV Process Introduction

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UV printing processing refers to a processing method performed by using a UV flatbed printing machine or a UV coil printing machine. It is a fast and environmentally friendly process. UV inkjet is currently a relatively advanced inkjet process, and it is a process that replaces traditional silk screen printing and traditional inkjet printing.


The UV process has the following advantages:

 1. Personalized customization: pictures, portraits and other patterns can be printed without restriction;

 2. 3D relief effect: the printed pattern visually presents a 3D effect, and the unevenness of the hand touches it, which increases the added value; 

3. Simple operation: computer control equipment, after the software is set up, follow-up automatic printing, saving labor;

 4. Unrestricted materials: The piezoelectric inkjet principle does not touch the material and can print a variety of materials.

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