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What are the shoe design processes

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A shoe only consists of the upper material and the sole, it will appear monotonous and rigid. In order to make it distinctive and show different personality characteristics, people make various colors, patterns and patterns on the relatively monotonous leather surface and mesh surface. Styling, that's the craft. Craftsmanship mainly plays a decorative role, which can leave people with a sense of hazy, three-dimensional, metal texture, speed and other beautiful feelings and aesthetic tastes.

According to statistics, the current technology can be divided into 14 categories, the following are the specific introduction:

high frequency:

Hot pressing high frequency: Relying on the high frequency plastic fusion machine to press the concave and convex shape on the plane of synthetic leather and mesh cloth; the effect is strong, the edges and corners are clear, the three-dimensional effect is strong and the shape is permanent.

High-frequency printing: printing combined with high-frequency operation makes the pattern achieve a delicate and lasting effect.

Eagerly cut high frequency: Press transparent or opaque material to another material, open the mold, and carry out special processing. Therefore, the cost is higher and the production difficulty is higher, which is a comprehensive reflection of the technical level.

Differentiation and gradient: Differentiation and gradient enrich the diversity of colors and patterns, with obvious effects and strong appeal.

Injection and plastic injection: The shoe decoration production process uses different materials to form a three-dimensional effect through the mold, which is used to decorate the upper. Compared with injection molding, the plastic injection material is softer, while the injection material is tough, both of which need to be opened. The mold, the cost is high, but the result is exquisite and the embellishment is infectious.

Electric embroidery: computerized embroidery, embroidered with various decorative patterns on the upper, especially the brand's LOGO often uses the electric embroidery process. A pair of elegant and beautiful shoes, in addition to its appearance style and color matching, the style of the shoe last can best highlight the beauty of the shoes in terms of shape. The design work of the shoe last style is one of the primary design tasks in the shoe design and manufacturing process.

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