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What are the two holes on the canvas shoes for?

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Canvas shoes, as a pair of items almost everyone has, can't be overestimated for their wearing strength. After wearing canvas shoes for so long, you know their respective functions from the material to the sole, so you must have noticed the shoes. There are two holes, really have no idea why it exists? just breathable? It's not that simple.

Conjecture 1: Breathable

This should be everyone's first reaction to this question. After all, canvas is a well-known material with strong water resistance and weak air permeability. With these two small holes, the sweat and odor generated by the soles of the feet can be discharged by the way. . Of course, this is not wrong, but according to the editor's understanding, compared with the current soft and sweat-absorbing original canvas, it is not necessary to be breathable.

Conjecture 2: Drainage

Some people think that the two small holes on the shoe are used for drainage, why is it said to be drainage? In rainy days, cotton canvas shoes will inevitably enter water, and the water in the shoes will easily flow out from these two small holes, and the water will be discharged from the small holes when washing the shoes, so that the shoes are easier to dry. However, as far as drainage is concerned, the two holes with such a low "water level" have a stronger "function" of water in minutes than drainage, so this conjecture should be ruled out.

Conjecture 3: Beautiful

One of the highlights of canvas shoes is that the two long shoelaces can be tied in many ways. The cross-tie method must use these two small holes to tie the shoelaces to the bottom when they are closest to the first space. One hole is pierced, and then the second hole is pierced, and then pulled up, it becomes much more unique, and it can create more beautiful binding methods, but is it just because of this?

the truth:

In fact, the above conjectures are not completely accurate. When it comes to these two small holes, it is necessary to start from the originator brand of canvas shoes, Converse, which transformed canvas shoes into the first pair of basketball shoes in the true sense in history. We all know that the rubber sole of canvas shoes has strong grip, high comfort, wear-resistant canvas upper, and the high-top design can also protect the ankle from injury, which was popular in the basketball world at that time.

But boys who play football know that as a sneaker, the better the fit. So in 1932, Converse added these two creative holes to the inside of basketball shoes. Athletes can accurately adjust the tightness of the upper wrapping the instep through the two holes on the inner side of the shoelace, which makes the wearing more comfortable and fit, and also makes Converse famous.

With the development of shoemaking technology, Converse canvas shoes have been retired from basketball shoes, but when returning to daily casual shoes, they still retain the design of these two small holes. However, for today's young people who are pursuing street trends, even if they know this method, they will not wear it like this. It is not cool at all to tighten the feet. After all, the visual effect of wearing them loosely on the feet is enough. character!

Even if the original functional design is ignored, and even some canvas shoe lovers are not aware of it, canvas shoes have developed from a sports classic to a fashion classic, and they have been sought after from generation to generation, indicating that they can fully withstand the fashion trend. The test, the classic street tide will never fade, will you continue to choose canvas shoes in the future?

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