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What Is the Pad Printing Process?

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Pad printing refers to the irregular surface of the substrate (such as instruments, electrical parts, toys, etc.), using copper or steel intaglio, and casting a hemispherical pad printing head with silicone rubber. The way to transfer the ink to the substrate is to complete the transfer printing.

pad printing

Advantages of the pad printing process:

1. Wide range of applications: Pad printing technology is generally applied to products that cannot be processed by silk screen printing such as grooves and the back of workpieces. Able to achieve clear printing details, even on uneven surfaces

2. Convenient operation: The equipment can be operated semi-automatically or fully automatically! A single printing time (1-5 seconds) is completed by the machine

3. Unit price is competitive, the labor cost is relatively low, because most of the processes are completed by machining.

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