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What's Electric Embroidery?

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Electric embroidery refers to the process of computer embroidery, which prepares patterns through digital processing, and guides or stimulates the various movements required for the design of the embroidery machine and embroidery frame. One of the key points is to record the stitches. The purpose is to allow the embroidery machine to recognize and perform its actions. It is possible to use a needle connected to the horizontal and vertical bars to record the points needed to form the pattern. The realization of the electric embroidery process requires a computerized embroidery machine, which enables the traditional manual embroidery to be realized at a high speed and efficiency.


Features of electric embroidery:

1. High-end electric embroidery equipment has LCD display function.

2. Various patterns can be stored.

3. With the function of rotating and zooming the pattern

4. Repeated embroidery can be carried out.

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