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Why do leather shoes fade

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Why do leather shoes fade?

Leather shoes will fade, and the inside of the leather will be stained, which is a problem that many friends have encountered. Many people see that the leather shoes they buy fade, and they always think that they have bought fake or bad leather. In fact, it is not. No matter how good the leather is, it will fade easily in humid or hot environment, and it will fade as long as you wear it often without maintenance, and the longer you wear it, the more serious it will fade.


1. Then why do genuine leather shoes fade, but the cheap shoes on the market do not fade?   Why do leather shoes fade? Because high-grade leather is taken from the top layer of the skin of an animal, it has natural pores, and its color is processed through a dip/transfection process. It can be said that as long as it is genuine leather, no matter how expensive it is, or how good the leather is, it will fade.

2. Why don't cheap shoes fade? Because the cheap shoes on the market are because of the use of fixing agent. What is fixing agent? Fixing agent is one of the important auxiliaries in the printing and dyeing industry. It can improve the color fastness of dyes on fabrics. It can form insoluble colored substances with dyes on the fabric to improve the washing and perspiration fastness of the color, and sometimes it can also improve the light fastness. You can check the classification of fixing agent-formaldehyde concentrate. But these chemical ingredients are not good for the skin. So don't think that faded shoes are a quality problem! As long as it is environmentally friendly, there will be floating colors. This is common sense!

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