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Casual Sports Shoes For Women

Item Name: casual sports shoes for women
Item No.: HXAM088
Material Upper: Genuine leather+premium mesh
Insole: pigskin+foam
Outsole: PU
Size: Eu36-41 / US(w)6-11
MOQ: 1000 Pairs
Technique: Cemented
Time Sample: 2 to 3 weeks
Bulk Time: 45 to 60 days



Here you will know more information about casual sports shoes for women:

At present, among the sports shoes sold on the market, there are many shoes with rubber soles. Although this type of sole is wear-resistant, it is easy to become brittle when the weather is cold and the sole is prone to breakage, resulting in a decrease in the anti-skid coefficient. At present, the soles of sports shoes with better slip resistance on the market are mostly made of TPR material, which is more wear-resistant and lighter. Secondly, the choice of sports shoes depends on the hardness of the soles. Although a too soft sole can increase the comfort of the shoe, it is easy to affect the center of gravity of the body when walking. And shoes with excellent soles can easily affect the foot's judgment on the ground when walking, and it is not conducive to anti-skid. Best, buy sports shoes to see the sole groove. The soles of sports shoes with deep grooves and many grooves are not easy to retain broken ice and snow, and have better anti-skid performance, while sports shoes with shallow grooves are easy to slip. The friction force generated by the contact between the sole and the ground is determined by the weight and the coefficient of friction. The coefficient of friction is a value of friction between different materials. The higher the value, the greater the friction force, and the more slippery it is.

Our Sports Shoes for Women Has the Below Features:

TPU+PU sole, synthetic + mesh upper, lace-up style, cushioned foam insole.






1. Q: How does your factory do regarding quality control?

A:1)Quality is a priority! We always pay great attention to quality control. From beginning to the end, each step,  we have specialized QC to control the quality!

2) We also accept the third inspection company to inspect the cargoes before delivery.

3) We have all detailed records for nonconformity products, then we will make a summary according to these records, avoid it happen again. 

 2.Q: Do you accept a sample before I place an order?

A: Sample and trial order is always accepted. If you want a sample, please contact me for more details.

3.Q: The sample is free?

A: No. Our sample fee is usually $50-$80/pr(excluding leather styles). We will return this fee after you place the order.




Product process Cemented










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